There is actually a snow leopard in this picture!

A picture of a snow leopard has left many baffled. Wondering why? For that, you will have to take a look at this photograph captured by wildlife photographer Saurabh Desai that he shared on his Instagram profile.

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Art of camouflage…

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Confused why we are showing you an image of a rocky mountain filled with patches of snow? Well, look closer.

Source: visual_poetries (Instagram)

If you will look closer at the picture, you’ll see a superb well-camouflaged snow leopard sitting/lying on the cliff.

Desai caught the creature during his visit to the Himalayan mountain range in North India. The photographer was visiting Kibber Village, the higher village on the planet, to get a look at a snow leopard. Around 8 km far from the town, he recognized this enormous feline.

Source: visual_poetries (Instagram)

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Written by Shashank