There 9/11 images UI were not allowed to see

Taken from above and on the ground, the cache of pictures in large show workers and heavy machinery submerged in a deep and ominous chasm of scorched iron, folded metal and the skeletal outlines of office floors which had, just days before, brimmed and bustled with a human pulse.

Others document a desolate and apocalyptic view from overhead, showing once renowned tourist hot-spots, such as the Winter Garden Atrium, beaten, dust-clad and lifeless.

But amid the devastation, the anonymous documenter was able to capture understated human moments too, with workers seen sharing a smile or jokingly gesturing towards his lens on their break.

All of the images were taken in the direct wake of the September 11 attacks, with the vast majority dating between mid-September and October, 2001.

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Written by Shashank