The Yotuber who kissed his sister is now back with another video

Remember that Youtuber who pranked in his video to kissing her sister?

And he’s back again. This time he’s just kissing a stranger – still weird that he videoed it but at least it’s not a member of his family… Oh wait, no, that woman is actually his MOTHER.

Take a look at the video below:

After coming in news from the last incident (kissing his sister prank) Monroe stated:  “This video, we’re gonna top my kissing my sister prank video. I’m gonna kiss my mom. It feels so weird to say that but it’s going down.”

There is nothing wrong about this: kissing his mum for an obvious reason- the woman who has nurtured him from childhood, admitting that he (rightly so) feels weird about locking lips but going ahead anyway…

He explained to his audience: “Only thing is, I was planning to shoot this video later this week it turned out my mom has an emergency, she’s gotta leave the country.  couldn’t get my normal camera charged in time. This is what I usually shoot with, really nice quality. It’s either I shoot now on the iPhone or I wait two weeks – and we don’t wanna wait two weeks.”

Source: Youtube



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Written by Shashank