The Most Adorably Incredible Pictures When A Lion Climbs A Tree To Take A Nap in Uganda

Source - Vince Burton

One of the most adorable pictures of the season are out. A male and two female lions are recently captured perching precariously on tree branches. They are calmly taking an afternoon nap in Uganda’s most visited wildlife park.

The male Lion is seen draped across two branches, with his tail and legs dangling down, whilst in the other tree the two females are captured wedging themselves almost upright before they dozed off.

Source – Vince Burton

The pictures were clicked by a wildlife photographer Vince Burton in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

Vince said: ‘Lions are not known for their tree climbing abilities, unlike other big cats such as leopards.

Source – Vince Burton

‘Lions tend to be heavier and to a certain extent clumsier. However, these lions in the Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda have adapted and use the tree climbing to cool down in the warm afternoon sun.

‘Up in the trees they benefit from the shade and also if there is any breeze which they may not benefit from on the ground.

Source – Vince Burton

‘It could also be a result of attempting to escape the pesky flies which sometimes plague them.

Vince added: ‘From childhood I have always had a strong fascination with nature. When I was given my first camera, it was no surprise that I focussed it on wildlife.

Source – Vince Burton

‘I wanted to capture the beauty in nature.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal