The Judge Has One Of The Best Reactions To This Little Boy’s Honesty

This Rhode Island father was in court for a parking violation and to his surprise his son was harsher than the judge who was presiding over his case. The little boy’s answer caused the courtroom to erupt in laughter compelling the judge to take up a lenient approach leaving everyone smiling in the end.

Judge Frank Caprio is famous for his creative sentencing who has been practicing since 1985. Through the years, citizens have come to respect his creative and humane sentencing techniques.

For example, he often asks the children of defendants to participate in the trial and give him advice.

This story is that of the times when Caprio asked a defendant’s 5-year-old son, Jacob, to accompany him. The defendant was accused of parking on the wrong side. He was facing either dismissal of the ticket, or a choice between a fine of $30 or $90.

Caprio asked Jacob, “I have three choices. I can fine him $90, I can charge him $30 or I can charge him nothing. What do you think I should do?”

Jacob thought over it for a while and said, “$30.”

The court erupted into muffled laughter. The judge further asked Jacob, “Have you had breakfast yet?” Jacob said that he did not.

Caprio then said, “Well, suppose I make a deal with your dad. If he’ll take you out for breakfast, then I’ll dismiss the ticket.”

Jacob accepted the proposal. But Caprio was not done. Caprio stressed that Jacob need not go easy on his father. He said, “I want you to order a lot of stuff. Because he’s saving $30 bucks. Is that a good deal?”

To which Jacob adorably said,  “Yeah, ‘cause I love bacon.”

The video was posted by Humankind and immediately went viral.

Source – Youtube

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Written by Anu Bansal