The bear keep stealing honey so finally owner came with honey testers

Ibrahim Sedef, a beekeeper from Turkey’s northeastern territory of Trabzon, tried his best to ward off bears from his apiaries, as per NTV.

Source: NTV

Firstly he installed steel cages but smart bears topple those cages over.
He tried to reinforce them with cement, again bears successfully dig the soil around and under the cages. He set a portion of the hives over his shed, out of the bears’ reach. The bears climb the trees and arrive at the hives on the shed, have a dining experience then slide down the trees simply like firemen,

Source: NTV

Ibrahim Sedef gave up and said: After all the trouble they went through by climbing that tree, I’ll just let them. I promise, from now on I will feed them. In spite of what happened, when I watch the recorded moments, I forget all the damage they caused me and I love them. Sedef decided to turn them into honey tasters. Take a look at the video

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Written by Shashank