The Bear Cub Who Has Been Separated From Its Mother Left Screaming As The Thugs Torment Him

A gang of thugs recently made a video of them tormenting a bear cub after they found it lost around a field in the commune of Augustin.

They are caught on camera holding the youngster by the scruff of its neck while one of the thugs poked it with a wooden stick.

The brown bear was clearly looking scared and distressed by the ordeal and can be heard screeching.

The cub had apparently been separated from its mother when the hooligans discovered the lost bear. Its wailing continued as the human beasts continue to laugh.

The statement reads: ‘Following the emergence of the images on social media, in which a bear cub can be seen held captive and tortured by a group of men from the commune of Augustin, Brasov County, the Police have opened a criminal file into poaching offenses and animal torture.

‘Investigations are being conducted under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office at Rupea Court in order to determine the identities of those involved and to establish the complete circumstances in which the action took place.’

Netizens were horrified by such brutality and wrote, ‘Those people should be caught, tied and beaten.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal