Thai Beauty Vlogger Gifts Herself A BMW on her 12th Birthday

A schoolgirl beauty vlogger, Natthanan Sanunrat gifted herself a luxury car for her twelfth birthday. She boasts more than one million followers across social media.

Despite being too young to drive, she splashed out on a BMW 7 series worth £150,000 that is approximately 6million baht to celebrate her birthday.

Source – daily Mail

The schoolgirl who just turned 12, admitted that she is still not tall enough to reach the pedals. She also has to wait for 8 more years to be eligible to drive.

In the meantime, her father, Rong and her mother, Natcha, will drive the car.

Source – daily Mail

Also known as Nong Pear, Natthanan first picked up a make-up brush when she was just three years old. She was first featured in a YouTube tutorial when she was four and has been able to build up a devoted following online.

She now works at fashion events, including London Fashion Week in 2018 along with school.

Source – daily Mail

Natthanan said: ‘I’ve been doing makeup every day since I was four years old when I started to do makeup tutorials and post it on YouTube.

‘I just felt like I enjoyed doing it and it became my dream to become a makeup artist.

Source – daily Mail

‘Every look I want to do, I just flow. Natural look, fancy look, special effects that I’ve learned from YouTube, I like to do, too.

‘I went to London Fashion Week in April of 2018. My teacher gave me a really big opportunity to go there. I did the makeup for the models and for the kids, the young models, too. I want to be a makeup artist forever.’

Source – daily Mail

Natthanan boasts 292,000 followers on YouTube.

Proud mother Natcha, 40, added: ‘We encourage and support Natthanan with her work, but we don’t push her at all. We don’t need to, because she loves doing makeup so much and she’s very mature and organised.

Source – daily Mail

‘We’re very proud of her and we will drive the car for now, to take her to makeup events and fashion shows. I’m sure that the first car she drives herself will be a Porshe.’

Source – daily Mail

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal