Tesla new solar roof will be extremely cheap

As per Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the organization’s new solar rooftop tiles will be affordable to the average homeowner. Musk says that they will be roughly the same cost as the typical shingle roof.

with so many of his projects, there have been delays in the production of solar rooftops. At first, when Musk originally declared the product in 2017, the company was supposed to start building them the following year, in 2018.

However, Tesla ran into some roadblocks in the production and delayed the rollout two years in a row.

Musk said that the main reason behind the delay was that he needed to ensure he put up the best possible product to market. Specifically, he wanted to ensure that the roof would last for 30 years without needing a replacement.

Source: Tesla

During a stakeholder meeting this year, Musk said that it has been an extremely challenging process to complete the very ambitious goals that the company set for itself.

Musk said, according to Electrek:

“We are about to complete version 3 of the solar roof. This is actually quite a hard technology problem to have an integrated solar cell with a roof tile, have it look good, and last for 30 years. I am very excited about version 3 of the solar roof. We have a shot at being equal to a comp shingle roof plus someone’s utility cost or being lower than that. That’s one of the cheapest roofs available. So you can have a great roof with better economics than a normal fairly cheap roof and your utility bill,”

The strength of the rooftop will be guaranteed for life and will be guaranteed to produce power for as long as 30 years, after that it might need repairs.

At the point when the idea was first proposed, Tesla evaluated that the sun based rooftop would cost generally $21.85 per square foot, which is extremely costly.

To contrast some of the other prices found in the industry, the average shingle roof can cost as little as $4 per square foot, and a tile roof can sometimes cost up to $20 per square foot.

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If Musk is saying that he can bring the cost down to match that of a shingle roof, that is a significant reduction in price. If he is able to bring this price to market it would be a game changer for the average consumer who does not have access to solar technology but is going to replace their roof at some point anyway.

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Written by Shashank