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Terminally Ill Fan Gets To See Avengers: Endgame Early, Courtesy Disney

Source - Reddit

A terminally ill Marvel fan has been granted his dy*ng wish to see Avengers: Endgame Early before it is released in cinemas.

The man named, Alexander whose last wish was to see the movie tweeted the good news yesterday, writing: “Disney has reached out and we’re discussing options. Thank you all so much. This is everything I could have hoped for! Please consider donating to Fanconi Anemia research.”

Disney took this decision after Alexander’s Reddit post requesting Marvel to let him see the film early went viral. Thousands of fans shared his story and contacted the movie’s directors on his behalf. A hashtag ‘#Avengers4Alexander’ also got famous to get things moving.

After being contacted by Disney, Alexander thanked everyone for their support, saying: “I cried when I read their email, it’s everything I hoped for and I owe it to all of you.”

The 33-year-old, Alexander’s original post titled ‘Dy*ng Before April: My Endgame’, saw him open up about his battles with cancer as well as his bone marrow failure. The posts clearly stated that he wouldn’t make it to April 26, the official date the movie is set to be premiered.

The post said: “I’m not a child or anyone with a, particularly tragic story. Just a normal guy. I’m 33, lost my sister three years ago to the same rare genetic disease it turns out I have too. I’ll leave behind a devoted girlfriend and an adopted greyhound. I thought I’d make it to April at least, but my bone marrow is toast.”

Despite the huge support Alexander received, many called him a liar. But the brave man ignored them and said, “Whatever grand things you imagine would be on your bucket list, do them now instead.”

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Written by Anu Bansal