Teenagers Perform ‘The Prayer’, Only to Leave Everyone with Goosebumps

Every artist is special. Although a solo performance delivered by a veteran artist could impress the audience, the impact of a duet is unique.

Noelle and Ryland are friends. When they performed “The Prayer” for the first that time, they had no idea about how well they could do together. They decided to perform the same in front of the audience, only to leave them speechless and mesmerized.

YouTube / Noelle Maracle

Noelle started singing first with the flawless tone that could melt even the dullest heart. Ryland then added his voice to it, which elevated the song to the next level. Their harmonies were perfect, and they were mesmerizing.

Noelle and Ryland have taken inspiration from Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. As you listen to them, you would wonder how those tender-aged artists could have such a powerful voice.

YouTube / Noelle Maracle

Watch the phenomenal performance below.

The song has been performed by various artists till now, but there’s something magical about these kids. The control over their voices, the vocal range is impressive indeed, but above all, they sound soothing and could calm down the agony of one’s mind.

They have proved that if you are talented, no obstacle is big enough to stop you.

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Written by Shashank