Student’s Acne Was So Severe, She Couldn’t Leave Home. Reveals Miracle Treatment That Cleared Up Severe

A student who suffered with severe acne has recently shared a miracle product on social media that helped her fix the problem at a very low cost. She shared about a £6 cleansing bar containing charcoal and tea tree oil that dramatically improved her skin in just two weeks.

Lucy Heyes, 19, from Liverpool, has been suffering from the problem of acne for a long time. The problem first started at the age of 17 when she had a contraceptive implant fitted.

Source – Lucy Heyes
Source – Lucy Heyes

The spots on her face were extremely aggressive and sore. She tried topical treatments and numerous creams but nothing seemed to work. Recently she found an unlikely solution in a vegan cleansing bar.

Lucy explained, ‘I wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of make-up. I was frequently late for lectures and classes as well as my part-time job at the local hospital.’

She added: ‘If my make-up didn’t look right, I would miss nights out. My social life really suffered’.

Source – Lucy Heyes
Source – Lucy Heyes

‘My confidence hit a real low, despite my friends and families trying to reassure me I looked OK’.

‘As part of my studies I would have to model make-up myself, which became really difficult due to my skin being so irritated’.

The doctor told her that her acne was an initial reaction to the contraceptive implant.

While she persevered, her acne became worse. Fed up of the suffering, four months later, Lucy decided to have the implant removed.

She finally opted for the oral contraceptive pill but there was no relief.

Lucy said, ‘I felt so low and helpless. My mum was continuously researching online to try and find something to help improve my skin. She was so worried about me.’

Lucy’s mum Sue finally discovered Carbon Theory. It is a London based brand that recently got viral on social media for its affordable skincare.

Source – Lucy Heyes
Source – Lucy Heyes

Lucy said, ‘My mum saw the Carbon Theory Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Break-Out Control Facial Cleansing Bar on Facebook.’

‘It was only £6 and so many people were claiming it had helped clear their acne. I went on the Carbon Theory website and ordered some straight away.’

Lucy started using their bar as soon as she received it. She started noticing a considerable improvement within just two to three weeks.

She explained, ‘A few weeks after using the charcoal bar twice a day, my spots were far less aggressive.’

Source – Carbon Theory

‘One month after starting a daily regime using the bar, there was a visible improvement’.

Lucy has been using the bar for one year now.

Lucy explained, ‘My skin is normal now. I get the odd spot on rare occasions, but the redness has gone.’

‘I’m so much more confident now that I’ve beaten the acne and frequently leave the house without make-up.’

She added: ‘So many people have messaged me on Instagram asking how I combated problem skin. I’ve told them it’s all thanks to Carbon Theory’.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal