Stomach-Churning Swabs Reveal Why You Should Sterilise Your Watch Once A Month

A new study has recently revealed that watches can be up to eight times dirtier than a toilet. Tic Watches swabbed ten different types of watches and then tested the swabs for aerobic bacteria, yeast and mould to find out the germs.

The tests found that each swab had a worrying amount of yeast, bacteria, and mould, scoring an average of three times dirtier than a toilet seat.

The dirtiest was a fitness watch, with the Fitbit eight times dirtier than a toilet seat and flush handle.

The least dirty was a man’s watch with a leather strap which was 3.3 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Source – tic watches

After the results, a survey was carried out to know how many people clean their watches regularly. A staggering 24 per cent of people confessed to never cleaning their watch. And one in five cleans their watch in less than six months.

Daniel Richmond, Managing Director of Tic Watches, commented on the research and said: ‘Whether you wear a watch every day, or just during working hours, one thing is for certain, we don’t clean them as much as we wash our hands.

Source – tic watches

‘Unfortunately, not all watches are waterproof, so avoiding any contact with water when we’re wearing them could be the main reason for a build-up of bacteria.

‘For those who wear a watch every day, we recommend giving it a good clean at least once a month.

Source – tic watches

‘If you think your watch is due a clean, take a look at our tips to see how to do it yourself or you can even take it to a specialist shop for a professional clean.

‘Not only will this keep your watch looking as good as new, but it will keep unsafe bacteria at bay.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal