Starving 70-Year-Old Elephant’s Body Is Hidden By Festival Costume

Heartbreaking pictures of an elephant emerged where every rib of the poor creature is showing after being forced to parade in a festival costume.

Tikiiri, a 70-year-old female elephant, would work in Perahera Festival in Sri Lanka despite her ailing health and frail body. The ten-day Buddhist festival celebrates the decorated animals with a myriad of performances including jugglers, dancers, fire-breathers, and musicians.

Source – Facebook

The Save Elephant Foundation said, ‘Tikiri joins in the parade early every evening until late at night every night for ten consecutive nights, amidst the noise, the fireworks, and smoke,’ the foundation said.

‘She walks many kilometers every night so that people will feel blessed during the ceremony.’

While Tikiiri looks glamorous in her costume but it is just a shiny disguise covering the grueling reality.

Source – Facebook

‘No one sees her bony body or her weakened condition, because of her costume,’ the foundation wrote.

‘No one sees the tears in her eyes, injured by the bright lights that decorate her mask, no one sees her difficulty to step as her legs are short shackled while she walks.

Source – Facebook

‘How can we call this [the festival] a blessing, or something holy, if we make other lives to suffer?’

World Animal Protection estimates that a staggering 3,000 elephants are being used for entertainment purposes throughout Asia, with 77 percent of them treated inhumanely.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal