Photo of a ‘starfish’ compared to SpongeBob’s Patrick and internet went crazy

A snap of a ‘starfish’ with a ‘big butt’ has started hilarity as it has been compared to SpongeBob’s Patrick.

The photo seemed to be a rosy pink sea creature sticking to a clinging to a blue wall with what looked like ‘giant glutes’.
It was titled ‘Saw a thicc a** starfish at the aquarium today’ by @babyshoujo, who shared it on Twitter on Sunday.

Source: Spongebob

Since then the picture was taken at Aquarium of the Pacific, in California, has been retweeted more than 173k times and has received of 639,000 likes as of Friday evening. The online user wrote comedic answers to the client, who later conceded that she thought only two people would see the image.

Some compared the sea creature to Patrick from TV show SpongeBob SquarePants after undergoing rigorous exercise routine. Since the post went viral, doubts about the creature ranging from doubts about its species to it being photoshopped led many to critique the user online.

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Written by Shashank