Spanish YouTuber with 1.3 million likes Going to Jail for a Prank Video !

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Kanghua Ren, aka ReSet, faces jail time after a terribly incorrect Oreo prank.

ReSet is a Spanish YouTuber with over 1.3 M subscribers at one moment, gained through Fortnite’s live streaming and participating in the occasional viral challenge.

But in 2017 ReSet created headlines after a fan questioned him by replacing the cream filling in Oreos with… toothpaste to prank someone. The prank may have been harmless enough, except for the target ReSet chose: a homeless person residing on Barcelona’s roads.

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The guy responded as someone would after accepting the joke, and ended up vomiting on the sidewalk.

ReSet felt bad enough about the event to give 20 Euros to the person and later published as an apology a video of himself spending 48 hours on the streets.

However, the ReSet Oreo prank became so contentious and reviled even with these gestures that it was eventually taken down. Reset admits in the video, “Perhaps I’ve gone a little further,” but then chooses to add a “positive” spin, commenting: “This will help him clean his teeth. I don’t think he’s cleaned them since he got poor. “But his internet audience, not to mention the Spanish police, didn’t see ReSet’s eye-to-eye on this one.

Now, after two years of waiting for a verdict, ReSet was finally sentenced to a stunning 15-month jail sentence, ordered to pay the victim € 20,000 in damages, and ordered to shut down his YouTube channel and other social media accounts for the next five years.

ReSet defended his actions by saying he had tried to make amends and adding “I do things to mount a show: people like what’s morbid.” But the judge pointed out that he had monetized nearly € 2,000 from his subsequent videos of apology, much more than the € 20 he paid to the man or the € 300 he offered his daughter not to be charged.

The judge further declared that the offending video was “a clear and unambiguous act of humiliating content” which caused “physical suffering” to the victim. She said ReSet “humiliated and vexed a vulnerable person, homeless, of a much older age, who does not speak the official languages and has deteriorated due to street life and alcoholism.”

ReSet does not seem too pleased with the verdict, saying in a video: “Do not believe everything the newspapers say. They are not completely false, but they make up the words to make people look bad (in this case, me). What did I do to earn your hatred?”

Social media responses to the verdict are against ReSet overwhelmingly, with posts ranging from “We don’t feel sorry for him!” To “He should be prohibited from YouTube forever.” What do you believe of this sentence? Is it too much? Or is it worthy? In the comments section, let us know.

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Written by Anu Bansal