Son gets mortified as the mom enjoys her Jumbotron Moment

We’ve all faced this while growing up – Feeling embarrassed because of the crazy things that our parents do. This incident will make you reminisce those uncomfortable moments of childhood.

Source: Maryland Basketball via Twitter

Mandy Remmell, 29, along with her son, Blake, 10, was attending a Maryland Terrapins and Loyola Greyhounds basketball game. During a timeout, “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson began to play, and Mandy started singing along, by using her phone as a fake microphone.

Jumbotron Moment

Source: Maryland Basketball via Twitter

The Fan Cam was searching for the wildest dancers to show on the Jumbotron. Mandy got caught on the camera. She became animated as she got attention. She was totally absorbed into the song, and the audience was finding it hilarious! While the whole crowd was cheering her up, there was one person who didn’t find it funny. Needless to say, it was her son. He was extremely embarrassed.

Insult to injury

As she became more dramatic, her son’s humiliation grew. So much, that he started covering his head with the hood of his sweat-shirt. Of course, this encouraged the mom to perform at full throttle. She even started to serenade him.

Maryland Basketball has shared a video on Twitter. In response to that Kelly Clarkson tweeted, “That’s my kind of mama.”

A memory to cherish forever

We must admit, Mandy makes a cool mom because of her ability to have fun. According to her, opportunities like these create great memories. “Embarrassing your kids and doing it in a fun way is a great opportunity. If you can get laughs and make memories, that’s really what counts.”, says Remmell.

Her husband was not surprised at all after seeing her sing and dance. He knows that she is a huge fan of karaoke and likes to be at the centre of attention. She says, “Anytime there’s singing, dancing, all of that stuff, that’s right up my alley.”

Source: Maryland Basketball via Twitter

The basketball team sent goodies to Remmell family and invited them back to the arena. After seeing Mandy, don’t you think you can also loosen up once in a while and have fun?

Source: ScaryMommy

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Written by Shashank