Simpsons already predicted the GOT Penultimate Episode

There’s a long history of The Simpsons are predicting future, from Donald Trump’s administration to the horsemeat scandal to Siegfried and Roy’s overwhelming tiger assault. What’s more, they’ve done it again with Game Of Thrones.

The penultimate scene of the show saw Dany realising her dark destiny and becoming the Mad Queen, burning King’s Landing in revenge for Cersei’s murder of Missandei and Euron’s slaying of Rhaegal. Considering the majority of the show’s fans were stunned at that turn of events (and more than a few of them were outraged), The Simpsons seemingly called some elements of the episode.

In 2017, the opening scene of the 29th season – titled The Serfsons – was set in an alternate fantasy world version of Springfield that drew heavily on the tropes of Game Of Thrones. There’s a reference to white walkers, dragons, magic an evil ruler and a people’s rebellion. A dragon is even killed by an icy witch and then raised from the dead surprisingly.

And most chillingly, the episode ends with the dragon burning Springfielda to ashes in a shot that is shockingly similar to what happened on Thrones itself…

Source: whatculture

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Written by Shashank