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Shocking footage shows condition of donkeys in Santorini

A Footage released by PETA indicates mules and donkeys being utilized as cabs to pull heavy holidaymakers up the island’s pleasant cobblestones.

Take a look at the video below

Pictures of mistreated animal show fly creeping over open injuries and a handler striking one of the animals with a stick and yanking at its reins. It comes as the animal rights group accuses officials of being in ‘clear breach’ of Greek animal welfare laws by ‘denying the animals water or a place to cool down’.

PETA also said that officials blocking their campaigns to place signs on buses and taxis reading ‘Donkeys Suffer for Tourists. Please Don’t Ride Them.’

The donkeys, who is embellished with brilliantly shaded dabs and jingling bells, pull many visitors up a steep path. Many visit the island from cruise ships, pay $7 for a journey from the harbor to the island’s capital.

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Written by Shashank