Shocking Footage Showing Bees Vibrating Before They Passed Away In California After Earthquake Hit The City

Thousands of bees have been pictured dead on the ground after California was struck with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake.

The shocking footage is shooting a social media influencer Khalil Underwood outside his house, amid a mass of the dead bees.

The video later zooms close to the ground and reveal the plight of the bees. The masses of carcasses cover much of the ground in front of him.

Underwood exclaims, ‘This is crazy. I’ve never witnessed anything like this. Look how many f***ing bees are on the f***ing floor from the earthquake.’

He also pointed to the ones that were alive. They were shaking and buzzing on the ground before they stopped moving completely.

Underwood claims the bees ‘vibrated, buzzed and then died.’

According to the Experts, animals and insects act strangely in the lead up to an earthquake.

One study in Northern Taiwan noted ‘large declines’ in the number of individual insects as well as entire species after natural calamities.

Underhill had tweeted the night before: ‘YO THE BEES ARE FREAKING OUT AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE ME JUST HAD!!!!! Theres like 70 on the floor just buzzing & dying.’

Later in a tweet, he said that the number of the bees increased from 70 to thousands and then millions. He further said, ‘I wasn’t exaggerating or joking last night.’

In Saturday’s video, Underwood said: ‘Alright last night I said there was like a million bees on the floor and nobody believed me. Y’all couldn’t see it in the dark. This is what I f***ing meant.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal