Shark tries to bite fisherman’s boat

A giant white shark has been caught on camera swimming around the remains of a d*ad whale and threatening to bite a fishing boat off Cape Cod.

The threatening shark, believed to be 20-feet long, was caught on video by Matty Riley and his companion Ken Roth as they were lobstering in Cape Cod Bay around 11 am on Tuesday. The underwater monster was seen swimming in circles around the body of a huge humpback whale and appeared to become threatened by the two fishermen, leading it to feign taking a bite out of their boat. Take a look a the video below:

In the footage the shark knocks its nose on the side of the boat to intimidate the crew and opens its jaws, uncovering its barbed teeth, before dismissing. It then returns to the carcass of the whale which has been chewed up in some places.

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Written by Shashank