Seven Best Friends Buy A Mansion In China So That They Can Grow Old Together

What started as a joke in 2008 has now turned into reality. A group of seven best friends promised each other that they’d all grow old together in a dream house in China when they retire.

This fantasy finally became a reality last year when they stumbled upon a property in the suburbs of Guangzhou in the south-eastern Guangdong province. They have now renovated it into their dream retirement home.

Source – Yitiao

Following a four million yuan (£462,000) refurbishment, this beautiful three-storey mansion is now ready to move in with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a massive open kitchen, an airy tea pavilion, and a swimming pool.

Source – Yitiao
Source – Yitiao
Source – Yitiao

The house is 7,535-square-foot and is located roughly 70 kilometers (43 miles) away from Guangzhou’s city center, in a quaint village. The mansion has a large space on the ground floor with seven spacious rooms for each of the ladies.

Surrounded by paddy fields, the mansion has huge tatami mats for gatherings with a long dining table for group meals.

Source – Yitiao

They’ve made a pact to each master a skill such as cooking, traditional Chinese medicine, growing vegetables and playing music.

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal