Footage showing Seagull swallows an entire rabbit

A seagull severely ki*ls a little rabbit by grabbing its head with its beak before swallowing the mammal whole.

Irene Mendez Cruz, 28, caught the stunning moment while on vacation on the remote Welsh island of Skokholm. The marine and natural history picture taker was told about the seagulls’ predatory behavior by the wardens of the island.

According to Dailymail:

Ms. Cruz begins the video with a clip of an adorable rabbit gently nibbling at the grass around him. Suddenly the camera pans to a seagull. The scene is set, and in the next clip, the camera shows a seagull suddenly grab the rabbit and shakes it with its beak.

Source: Caters news agency

Dropping it the seagull grips the rabbit’s face with its beak and shakes the helpless animal to make sure it is dead. The rabbit has then dropped again before being picked up a third time, shook, and then actually pulled in to the seagull’s throat. The bird puts its head up and spasms its throat to make room for the rabbit.

Source: Caters news agency

And as the clips, ends just the rabbit feet can be seen before even they vanish and the seagull has swallowed its prey whole.

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Written by Shashank