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Roald Dahl’s Heart-Breaking Letter to Anti-Vaxxers Stands Relevant Even Today

If you were fond of stories as a child, you must have read books of Roald Dahl. His writing is filled with important life lessons like the ability to think independently, kindness and humility. In addition to this, his tales are full of with adventure and wonder. Even after almost three decades of his passing, his books are still among the bestselling children’s literature.

Along with the fanciful classics like The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda, Dahl has written a few essays to create awareness about public health and safety. His daughter, Olivia passed away in 1962 due to Measles. This heart-breaking letter is a must-read for parents who are in dilemma about vaccinating their children.

Scroll down to read the letter.

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Written by Shashank