Rescuers Give a 2nd Chance to 3 Matted Dogs by Rejecting Owner’s Request to Euthanize Them

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New Year brings a lot of new hope. People take new resolutions and start their life with a new positive zeal. New year sure was a fresh start for these 3 severely neglected female Shih Tzu dogs, who were rescued by Spokane Humane Society.

It was the trio’s final day on earth when the owner of 11-year-old Candy, Katie and Angel brought the dogs to the Spokane Humane Society and requested the members to euthanize the dogs. He claimed that the dogs were biters.

The society wrote on Facebook, “The mats covered the dogs from wet licorice nose to wagging tail tip tearing at their skin every time they moved. Their nails were so long they curled like buck horns.”

Posted by KREM 2 News on Thursday, January 10, 2019

“All three had bad teeth — they were a smelly, miserable trio and quite possibly also in a lot of pain.”

Society staff convinced the owner to surrender the dogs. The staff of the society then shaved each dog and removed in total of 13 pounds of thick mats of tangled and decomposing fur. They then assessed and treated cuts, sores, and other minor infections.

Posted by KREM 2 News on Thursday, January 10, 2019

The society reached  out to the local community and asked for help to cover their medical expenses. They raised close to $3,000 to cover lab work and dental care.

As the weight of physical and emotional pain flew off their backs, each dog’s personality start to change for better.

The society wrote, “We knew we’d probably find some health issues under all that fur, but what we also found were three handsome – though slightly chubby – little dogs with big brown eyes and surprisingly easygoing personalities. No one bit anyone.”

Source – Facebook

The humane society is very thankful to the community members for all their support.

They wrote, “This is part of what we do: we take on what looks like hopeless cases and give them another chance at life — and we couldn’t continue to do that without your support.”

Source – Western Journal

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Written by Anu Bansal