Authorities looking for the guy who is fishing from a drone

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority is as of now examining a video that appears to shows a man utilizing a drone to lift himself off the floor in a seat before casting out a line and going fishing. He’s even got a bottle of Victoria Bitter in a cup holder next to him. Strewth.

Regardless of whether this against any aviation laws isn’t yet clear. The recording was posted to the Facebook page of a Brisbane-based drone seller called UAV Me earlier this month and it shows the bloke sitting in a metal chair, being conveyed a few meters over the waters of the Upper Coliban Reservoir in central Victoria state. Take a look at the video below:

CASA spokesperson Peter Gibson told Aussie news channel ABC: “It’s really not a sensible thing to do in any way, shape, or form; there’s lots of things that could have gone wrong, someone could have been seriously injured. It’ll take some time for us to gather the information, analyse all that [and] determine what the appropriate course of action is.”

Source: UAV

He further added: For the person on the chair, the risk could be computer errors where the aircraft flies away, [or there] could be motor failures where the aircraft ends up in an uncontrollable state. Best-case scenario is the battery sets die and it plonks straight into the water.”

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Written by Shashank