Ready steady cook show might be come back soon

The 62-year-old host has been in contact with resident chef, James Martin, to bring the popular teatime show back to our screens, according to The Sun.

Ainsley told The Sun: “Me and James have been discussing it recently, he is at the forefront of the production side of things, and he is saying that people are talking about it.

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“Fingers crossed they go for it. It’s a unique format and there’s nothing else on TV quite like it – it’s so easy for people to follow. Me and James would do it, along with a raft of new chefs.”

The BBC show started in 1994 with Fern Britton hosting before Harriott took over in 2000 for 10 years. His reign saw longer episodes which extended to 45 minutes from their original 30 minutes.

Every day two individuals from the audience would give two celebrity chefs – assigned to a group called ‘red tomato’ or ‘green pepper’ – with a pack of ingredients (usually amounting to an impressive £5). It’ll be interesting to see anyone manage that in 2019.

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The chefs then had to prepare a meal with the contents of the bag which gave so much inspiration for those evenings when you really cba. But also, let’s not forget that these guys are professional and highly-experienced in their field, and also had a kitchen full of ‘basic ingredients’.

So Sheila from Skegness most likely won’t have a same success. Be that as it may, God cherishes a trier, gwarn Sheila.

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The ‘quickie bag’ was added to the end of the show where the two chefs would describe what they would make and the studio’s audience would vote using their red tomato and green pepper placards for which dish they wanted to see.

The winner would then have a measly 10 minutes to do just that. Which meant things usually got pretty tight timing-wise.

Source: The sun

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Written by Shashank