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Puppy Gets Hit By Car, Video of Frantic Mother Dog Trying to Stop Traffic To Save Him Is Getting Viral

Source - Viral Press

Mothers love their child. Be it human mom or dog mom, every mother wants to keep their children safe and healthy.

The heartbreaking story of  this mother dog is breaking the internet. Her puppy got knocked over by a car and she barks at cars frantically to capture their attention in order to protect her son.

The whole story was captured in a camera footage showing the mother dog running after cars and barking at them helplessly.

The family of stray dogs lives by the side of the road in La Paz town, Iloilo City, the Philippines, and are treated  as community pets.

The incidence happened when mother dog went to scavenge food. The driver hit the puppy and fled but the grief-stricken mother dog refused to give up.

She kept running and barking, even stood in front of passing vehicles to make them stop but tragically, none of the drivers pulled over to help and the motionless puppy.

Source – Viral Press

Local shopkeeper Lynette Labating after noticing the barks, ran to help the puppy. She said, “The dog was so distressed, we tried to help the puppy but the mother dog was very upset so it was hard to get near to them.

Source – Viral Press

‘Village council officers came after a few hours, but the mother had already disappeared with her two other puppies. We don’t know where she took them.’

Lynette further added: ‘I pray that the family can be helped. The mother has suffered enough misfortune already.

‘The community was feeding them and we can try to look after her if she returns.’

Source – DailyMail

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Written by Anu Bansal