Pregnant with Triplets, Mom Indulges In Epic Dance to Induce Labor

Utah mom, Cara Chatwin is expecting triplets any day now but that did not stop her making a giggle-worthy and absolutely adorable dance video that’s going viral all over the internet.

Cara along with her 29-year-old, husband Darik Hunter Chatwin, and their 23-month-old daughter, Gemma, can be seen having so much fun in a youtube video entitled, “Triplet Baby Mama Dance.” The video has been seen more than 9 million times on YouTube and has totally disrupted the internet as the netizens are falling in love with the trio.

This video was part of an ongoing social media trend the Baby Mama Dance Challenge.

Chatwin tells Cafemom, “It’s a dance that a lot of pregnant mamas do toward the end of their pregnancies, so we thought we would join in on the fun!”

But not everyone found the video fun. Chatwin shares, “I am honestly surprised by how many people, especially other women, are so negative and downright mean about my belly showing. I’m proud of my body and what it is doing for these babies and wanted to celebrate that.”

Thankfully, a lot of the comments have been incredibly supportive.

Chatwin reflects, “We have also received tons of positive, uplifting, and supportive feedback from people who are genuinely happy for us. It’s fun to share our excitement with others!”

Source – CafeMom

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Written by Anu Bansal