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Another prankster licks ice cream and put it back on shelf

A 36-year-elderly person could face jail after he posted a video on Twitter showing him lick ice cream straight from the tub before returning it in the supermarket freezer.

Lenise Martin III, 36, has been accused of unlawful posting of crime for notoriety and publicity, and tampering with property, after filming a copycat video in a supermarket in Belle Rose, Louisiana. It came only days after a video of a teenager licking the ice cream out of a tub in another market, before putting it back in the freezer, went viral.

The 37-second footage showing Mr Martin holding a large tub of Blue Bell ice cream before removing the top and licking the treat inside. He then puts his finger in the ice-cream before licking it a second time, putting the lid back on, and placing it back on the freezer shelf.

According to Dailymail:

When managers at the store became aware of the video he returned with a receipt to show he had actually paid for the tub ⁠— suggesting he did not actually leave it in the shop. But he was still charged and is currently in jail awaiting a bond which will be set by a judge today.

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Written by Shashank