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Police officers were astonished when they received a 10 dollar bill with a letter.

Brooke was standing in queue doughnut shop waiting long to get some doughnut, however, when she got to the cashier she discovered she didn’t have enough cash. Fortunately, the guy who was standing just behind her was a policeman.

when State Trooper Chad Savannah understood that the young girl didn’t have enough cash, he immediately ventured in to help. Brooke recalls that when she understood she didn’t have enough cash she didn’t know what to do, yet fortunately she was rescued by the policeman standing behind her.

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Brooke was astonished and speechless by his act of kindness, yet when she returned home she decided that she is going to write a thank you letter to the local police department. She wanted to say thank you to the trooper that had helped her.

Source: Facebook

She even included the 10 dollar bill to cover the expense of the doughnuts he had purchased for her. “I think everybody here was moved by the kindness of this 9-year-old,” said the chief of the police officer.

The officers even gave her a $50 Toys R Us gift voucher for her. They sent the card to the young girl and was expecting that she is going to buy some toys for herself. Rather, Brooke had another surprise in store for them.

Brooke went to Toys R Us with her $50 gift voucher and utilized it to purchase toys that she promptly gave to Toys for Tots. When the officers discovered what Brooke had done, they concluded that she required some very special treatment.

Source: Facebook

They welcomed her to the police headquarters and gave her a tour. She additionally got the opportunity to sit within a squad car. Brooke’s family says their girl’s caring activities didn’t come as an astonishment to them. they said they’ve been trying to teach their kids to take care of what they owe for and be kind to others.

Brooke is an inspiration for all of us!

Source: CBS Pittsburgh

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Written by Shashank