P!nk is now a new name in hollywood walk of fame

P!nk has been around for over two decades, slamming out hits that have remained on the charts for months on end.

She’s sold in excess of 90 million records, won three Grammys, a Brit, an Emmy, an MTV Video Music Award and been named Pop Artist of the Decade by Billboard

She was joined by her two kids and spouse Carey Hart during the ceremony in Los Angeles.

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She said to Billboard: 

“This is surreal. It has been a trip lately thinking back over the course of this career I’ve somehow managed to have. I signed my first record deal 23 years ago.

“I have achieved exactly what I wanted to achieve.

“Because I always knew what my strong points were. I don’t sell sex, I don’t sell perfume, I’m not the prettiest, I’m not the best. I’m fucking hard-looking and I have enough talent and I work on my fucking craft and I put my head down and I win.

“And I charge and I charge and I charge. And I don’t give up. So when I wasn’t selling records, I was still selling out arenas. I didn’t need to win any popularity contests; I wanted to be a fucking touring artist and I wanted to be great at what I did.

Source: PA

“And at almost 40 years old, I can say I’m great at what I do.”

She did as such with a Twitter user who said that she looked ‘so old’ that she ought to be ‘called Purple rather’, whatever that implies.

When you’re a millionaire pop star with an armful of honors and an army of fans over the world, it’s most likely very simple to simply overlook the mindless comments of idiots online, but it’s also probably more fun to pull them on their words, so that’s what she did.

Reacting to the troll she pointed out that there are still ‘individuals left on the planet that age normally’, including that she’s ‘earned each screwing moment’ of her 39 years.

She proceeded to let him know/her that she was glad to look older in 10 years time because that means she’ll be alive.

Her reactions were overflowed with comments from fans calling her persuasive and heaping praise on the singer for growing old naturally; others wrote that growing old is a privilege while calling her ‘beautiful’.

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Written by Shashank