Photographs showing condition of detentions camps are awful

Mukherjee said that the children she spoke with told her that they were being denied sufficient quantities of food and that ‘there is no accommodation made for children’s different caloric needs’ and that all children, age notwithstanding, was given the same food rations. 

‘So 17-year-old boys are getting the same food as one-year-old girls,’ she said. ‘Breastfeeding mothers—and I met with several—need more calories so that they can produce breastmilk. And they’re also not being given any accommodations. There’s not age-appropriate food for babies or toddlers.’

The children also said that the water they were provided with tasted like chlorine. 

Mukherjee said the children she spoke with were told by guards that they needed to look after the even younger children. 

She recalled being told that a teenager was left to care for an unrelated infant for seven or eight days because the baby’s mother had to go to the hospital, and also hearing that an eight-year-old was told to take care of a four-year-old, even though the child was sick and unrelated to her. 

‘I have been doing this work with hundreds of kids in immigration detention, but I’ve never seen children as traumatized as the ones who I’ve seen there,’ Mukherjee told Jezebel.   

State and federal elected officials Friday demanded change about conditions at Clint, McAllen and other Border Patrol stations. There was plenty of angry fingerpointing as well.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slammed Congress as ‘a group of reprobates’ for failing to provide adequate border security funding.

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Written by Shashank