Perfect Dance on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, These Ice Dancers Won’t Let You Take Your Eyes Away from Them

Ice dancing is certainly more expressive than most other dance forms. The graceful body movement and the footwork of ice dancers create a magic on the rink. Since the rhythm of their moves is highly dependent on the tune of the song, choosing the right song is important for ice dancers.

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron could not have chosen anything better than Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. The emotions of this romantic song are something most people could connect to.

The duo began the performance by moving to the centre of the ice rink.

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Gabriella was stunning in a beautiful red dress while Guillaume was dressed up like a gentleman in a black suit. They were completely expressive throughout the performance. They were gliding on the ice as per the rhythm of the song. Even the way they did lifts and spins was in sync with the song.

Their performance was not just about movements. The eye contact with each other and captivating facial expressions added a magical charm to the dance. The ended the dance with a passionate hug, a perfect culmination of dance, performed in unison.

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The choice of their song was indeed perfect! What made it look marvellous was probably their confidence on each other. All duet performances require one to have trust and confidence on one’s partner. The amount of confidence they had on each other was clearly visible from their spins and turns.

Source: youtube

Gabriella is a star in the world of ice dancing. Together with Guillaume, she has received a silver medal in the 2018 Olympics. She is a 3-time World champion and 5-time French National champion. The duo has won 6 gold medals in the prestigious Grand Prix series.

Watch the captivating performance below.

There’s no surprise these dancers hold world records in ice dancing due to their impressive skills.

Source: Youtube

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Written by Shashank