Peppa pig is leaving kids with bizarre peppa pig accent

Mums are an astonished and little bit concerned in light of the fact that their kids are beginning to talk like famous cartoon animal Peppa Pig.

Truly, that implies that they are influencing a strange opulent British accent and grunting like a farmyard animal at the end of their sentences.

Branded ‘The Peppa Effect’, it has been accounted for by mums on famous child website Romper. One mom reported: Her kid started calling her ‘Mummy’ in the style of the character and making ‘oink’ sounds when speaking after watching loads – perhaps too much – of the kids’ show.

One person said on Twitter:  They said: “My 3 yr old cousin has an English accent from watching Peppa Pig and I’m jealous.”

Another said:  “I was excited when my daughter started watching Peppa Pig because I thought she might pick up an adorable British accent, but all she’s learned is to snort like a pig.”

A third added: “Thanks to Peppa Pig my 2yo, who has never been outside of Washington, Oregon, and California has a solid British accent.”

Credit: Entertainment One

Since this turned into a thing, many individuals have taken to the internet to express their wonder, irritation, envy, and – now and again – straight up disbelief at their transatlantic sounding kids.

It is an interesting thing to occur.

The genuine voice of Peppa Pig is given by 17-year-old Harley Bird. The youthful performing artist apparently acquires around £1,000 every hour for her troubles.

Credit: Entertainment One

A year ago, Bird showed up on This Morning to discuss her job in the show and unintentionally fouled up and said that she invested her time’just kind of snorting, doing some lines’.

Bird said: “I went with my brother and my mum the other weekend and I mean I was on the dinosaur ride which is my favorite ride at the moment, but I was on the rides with my brother and everyone was giving me slightly odd looks ‘why is there a 16-year-old riding a dinosaur?’.”

Source:  Entertainment One

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Written by Shashank