People Trapped Inside An SUV, 20 People Help Flip It To Free Them

Not every day, you get to see an act of kindness from one person. But this video is overloaded in kindness when twenty people rushed to flip the SUV in order to save three people trapped inside it in Newport Beach, California.

The crash occurred when the SUV hit the tree. Witnessing the incident, people immediately rushed towards the sight in order to save everyone inside.

These brave people flipped the car without getting deterred by the danger of the smoking vehicle possibly exploding.

The video recorded by a bystander shows them pushed the tipping vehicle back on its wheels.

In the video, one can see them working in unison and pulled the survivors out of the car. Without considering the well being of their own lives, they were totally concentrated on saving them.

Source – Inside Edition

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Written by Anu Bansal