People are scratching their head over a video of gorilla crow

Crow that resembles a gorilla has gotten Twitter all excited.

Dubbed gorilla crow, a video of the bird—which is perched on its wings, like an ape on its forearms—has been shared over 100,000 times. The video, which was taken at the Parco mall in Nagoya, Japan, was posted by a Twitter @keita_simpson.

Keitaro told Newsweek: that on first observing the crow, he was stunned as it resembled a “zombie” however in the wake of looking for some time, though it was beautiful. He said he watched the crow for about a moment.

Thousands of people responded to the video, commenting on the crow’s strange appearance. However, a clarification for the bird’s stance quickly emerged. Kaeli Swift, a corvid researcher—the family of birds that includes crows—from the University of Washington, explains it was sunbathing—a perfectly normal and well-documented behavior.

She further added:  it was a large-billed crow, which accounts for its face looking “a little out of proportion.” The large-billed crow is a species found in Asia. As its name suggests, its bill is slightly larger than other crows, giving it more of a raven-like appearance.

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Written by Shashank