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Pensioner Suffers From Skin Cancer But Doctors Give Him Paracetamol For The Lump In His Head

A pensioner, George Hobbs, 89, recently passed away of skin cancer after claiming that the doctors sent him home giving him paracetamol for a cancerous lump on his head.

George Hobbs had been suffering in pain from the orange-sized tumour on his head and its size start to increase last August when the 89-year-old had a fall.

Mr Hobbs said that it took the doctors until May to diagnose the black horn-like growth on his head as skin cancer.


His grieving daughter Clare Hobbs, 32, said: ‘There have been failures on a lot of people’s parts.

‘Towards the end he’d spend a lot of time lying down as that’s when it was at its least painful.


‘He hardly went out because he was embarrassed.

‘He filed all his documents and when I went through them after his death I found a note which read “please help me it’s so painful”. That was heartbreaking.


‘I just want someone to take responsibility. He was miserable and he did not deserve that.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal