Penn Badgley Requests His Fans To Stop Thirsting Over His Psycho ‘You’ Character

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Netflix’s show You has quickly captured the eyes of the fans. After all, it has all the necessary ingredients that are complex characters, the soap-opera level drama, and most of all the very hot Penn Badgley.

Joe Goldberg is hot despite the fact that he is a stalker, a serial killer, creeper, lurker and disturbing collector of used tampons and teeth. This obsession over him is partly due to the fact that he looks like Penn Badgley.

Joe Goldberg is not that bad a guy in some ways. Being someone’s complete obsession is not always perceived bad and has undeniable appeal to many women (me). But his growing fan following has urged him to request his fans on social media to stop romanticizing Joe as this is dangerous and problematic.

Fans are pouring all kinds of tweets in favour of the character:

To all these reactions, Penn Badgley made pretty clear to his fans that his character should not have sympathized with so much as at the end of the day, he is a psychopath.


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Secondly, Penn says -Joe is hot, yeah, but hella problematic.

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No amount of arguing will force him to change his mind!

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Badgley also confirmed there will be a second season of You 😀

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Written by Anu Bansal