Passenger dragged out from the plane

A British traveller has dragged off a Ryanair flight by cops in Portugal.

Traveler Rafik Boutiche was flying from Faro airport to London Stansted when the incident occurred. In a video shared on social media, four cops are seen getting his neck and attempting to haul him out of his seat, in what Mr Boutiche claims was “excessive force”.

According to the mirror: The passenger claims that the row started when a cabin crew member objected to him moving the seat. Police were then called when she accused him of shoving her, which he denies, the incident was filmed by Mr. Boutiche’s friend Islam Fessih.

Take a look at the video below:

Mr Boutiche can be heard shouting to the police officers: “You’re breaking my neck!”. Another passenger shouts in the background: “You’re hurting him.”

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Written by Shashank