Parents are now complaining about upcoming film It: Chapter two

Guardians in Australia have made complaints to an advertising standards body about promotional billboard posters for the forthcoming film IT: Chapter Two by stating that it is terrifying’ kids.

Advertising for the film – classified with an MA15+ age rating in Australia – has cropped up on giant roadside billboards in areas like Brisbane, where a few local people haven’t felt best pleased about Pennywise’s face bearing down on them – particularly kids.

Source: 9 news

Brisbane mother Kellie told 9news: “It just totally freaks them out.” Kellie’s daughter Piper said: I get really scared because it’s hard to go to bed when you have a scary picture in your mind. Before I go to bed, I have to check the whole room. And when I finally go to bed I will wake up after a nightmare.”

Another mom said: “Some people do enjoy going to horror movies and that’s fine and that’s their choice, and I understand that but we’re not choosing to see this poster.”

Swan issued a grievance to Ad Standards, contending that promotional material for films with an MA15+ rating should be restricted in areas frequented by children. However, she was told: “Ad Standards generally has no jurisdiction over the placement or timing of advertisements, except when considering the use of language or s*x, s**uality or n*dity in advertising.”

Speaking at Comic-Con, actor James McAvoy – who plays Bill Denbrough – admitted: “I had nightmares about Pennywise quite a lot. The only one I can really remember is I’m lying on my side in the bed and he was in bed with me. And he’s stroking my back gently and saying, ‘Wake up James, wake up.’ And I was just terrified, pretending to be asleep.”

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Written by Shashank