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Officers pull over a van for traffic violation, shocked to find something worse.

When the police officers pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation on Interstate 90 in Idaho, they had no idea what crime is going to unveil itself.

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Officers from Idaho State Police pulled over a Dodge van for a traffic violation. This action of Sergeant Justin Klitch has saved the life of a two-year-old.

He found that the woman sitting on the driver seat had bruises all over her face. She had many other signs of abuse as well. The condition of a toddler sitting in the back seat was even worse.

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While sharing the incident with the local news station, he gets emotionally overwhelmed. The sergeant, who has witnessed many cases of abuse in his career calls this as ‘the worst case of child abuse he’s ever seen’.

Officer Grady mentions with moist eyes, “While we there, he [the sergeant] discovered a young boy in the back of the minivan, it’s taken me all week to type this stupid thing out:”

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“He had discovered a small boy in the back who was severely injured. He had bruises on his head, multiple lacerations on his stomach, his arms were stuck in a fetal position and his left eye was not functioning properly.”

According to the police report, there was another one-year-old girl in the van. Fortunately, she did not sustain any injuries.

The adults in the van were apprehended while the victims were rushed to the closest hospital. Officer Grady accompanied the injured toddler as he was transferred to Sacred Heart Pediatric Hospital in Spokane.

Source: KHQAdam

The toddler whom the officers called “Baby J” due to privacy concerns was severely injured. The officers told they were concerned about him as his heart rate had elevated from 70 to over 110 beats per minute. The two-year-old was immediately taken into ER upon arriving at the hospital. According to the doctors, his injuries were life-threatening, and he was suffering from extensive brain trauma. Fortunately, he was able to leave ICU within two days as his condition improved.

Source: KHQAdam

The Idaho State Police tweeted, “Sgt. Klitch just left Sacred Heart Hospital and said Baby J is alert, engaging and playful. We are all so thankful for the hard work and care of the Sacred Heart Pediatric ICU team! Still, work to do but good news nonetheless.”

The driver of the van, 59-year-old Jorge Gonzalez-Vergel, was found in possession of meth, marijuana and drug-related items. Although he is not suspect for the abuse of the woman and the baby, he was arrested. He was booked into Shoshone County Jail and is still under investigation.

Source: KHQAdam

The second toddler who is currently in Shoshone Medical Center is being looked after by the state police of Idaho.

Sergeant Klitchemphasized that he is proud of the unit and the responders at the scene. He also acknowledged the doctors for saving Baby J’s life.

Source: KHQAdam

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Written by Shashank