Nine Dumped Dogs’ Fur Was So Matted They Couldn’t Move, Their Transformation is Beyond Imagination

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Having pets is a huge responsibility and there should be a proper screening process before letting anybody keep pets. There should be some test to make sure that they are ready for such huge responsibility.

Furry Friends Refuge in West Des Moines, Iowa, recently came across a disturbing situation where someone dropped off nine pups in bad shape.

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These bichon frises were stuffed into two small wire crates. They were terribly matted and flea-infested, a result of an irresponsible breeder or hoarder.

The rescue house posted on Facebook, “Today, we found 9 dogs being left in our parking lot. After taking them in and getting them checked over these guys were in clear need of help.”

“Most were matted to the point that it was pinching their skin, fleas were buried in the matted fur, and a number need dental care and treatment for ear infections. These guys will require patience as most are not well socialized.”

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They asked for help in terms of donation or foster care. Someone did notice story offered her services.

Chrissy Elliott commented on the post, “Did you get them completely groomed or did you just shave the Matted parts off?” She further added, “I own bark n bubbles down the street I will do full groom on all of them for free before they go to a home.”

The rescue took up her offer, and Bark N Bubbles recently posted pictures of the pups but they were beyond recognition.

Bark N Bubbles wrote, “On Saturday we groomed these little ones. 4 of the 7 groomed. It’s crazy to see the before and after they did so good considering they have had no grooming prior.”

The rescue also posted on their Facebook, “Sneak peek at the amazing transformation these sweet kids received from Bark N Bubbles, LLC!. The ‘Out of this world 9’ are starting to look like bichons again!”

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Pups have all been placed in foster homes where they will continue to receive affection, attention, and socialization.

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Written by Anu Bansal