New species of spiders just discovered in Australia

Jumping spiders are among some of the most beautiful spiders in Australia, yet almost nothing is known about their diversity and taxonomic identity,’ she said.

Four of the five new species are from Queensland and one is from New South Wales.

The male brushed jumping spider is known for an elaborate mating dance involving a brush of long and often colourful setae on their legs (like butterflies).

Dr Baehr first discovered the fascination with tiny little spiders spiders in Germany’s Black Forest and it led her to Australia, where scientists estimate more than 70 per cent of spiders remain unclassified.

Some 3500 species of Australian spiders have been classified but scientists believe that number will eventually soar past 10,000 species.Dr Baehr, who has classified dozens of spiders, said little spiders have more interesting features and characteristics.

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Written by Shashank