Mystery Over Identity of Russian Man Who Was Trapped In Bear’s Den Takes A New Twist

We recently shared about a Russian man’s story who was believed to miraculously survive in a bear’s den in Russia for a month. It seems the story is not over yet as the mystery over his identity took a fresh twist today.

It has now been claimed that the victim has never been attacked by a bear but was actually in a hospital in Kazakhstan.

The bearded ‘living mummy’ who survived a horrific ordeal in a bear’s den was first reported by Moscow media before making international headlines.

Source – Rey Gore/ The Siberian Time

Video and pictures came out and go viral all over social media showing the appalling condition the survivor was in. He suffered from a broken spine in the attack by the bear who preserved him to be eaten later.

But today, some new story broke the internet and this is not what we expected. A Moscow-based EADaily news agency offered a cash reward for anyone who can identify the man.

But every hospital in Tuva, the place where the attack said to have happened has now denied that the man had been a patient.

Source – Rey Gore/ The Siberian Time

Independent researchers recently pointed to a new video clip of the man. In the video, it looks like he is from neighboring Kazakhstan and from Russia.

The second language used in the video is Kazakh and not Tuvan. Another evidence poured in tonight where a group searching for people lost in Kazakhstan claim that the man was recently admitted to a hospital in the city of Aktobe.

The distance between Aktobe and Kyzyl, the regional capital of Tuva is about 1,600 miles.

Source – Stolby Nature Reserve

The group known as zello.poisk told Russian authorities the man in the video called Alexander look like the one they were looking for with the same name.

He wasn’t, but they did say that the man definitely has come from Aktobe and had not been attacked by a bear.

In a posting they said: ‘We checked the hospitals (in Aktobe) and asked them to help us.

‘In the end we discovered that this man (in the ‘bear den’ case) is from our city.

‘He is being treated in one of the hospitals and is getting better.’

The group further clarified by saying, ‘He is ill.

‘But the doctors said that they will cure him.

‘Of course, how he turned out to be in such state we will never know….’

A hospital source in Aktobe also confirmed today that the bearded man is a patient under treatment. But he did not extend any formal statement.

In this new story, EADaily pleaded the people for fresh information about the man’s identity.

‘The fact remains that a certain man named Alexander is in the most difficult condition in one of the hospitals.

‘EADaily appeals to all readers who can shed light on this event.’

Source – Daily Mail

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Written by Anu Bansal