Mourning Mother Dolphin Carries Dead Calf In A Heart-Wrenching Video

Contrary to the common belief, animals experience pain too. Animals, just like humans, mourn their loved ones too.

Michael McCarthy spotted something extraordinary when he went canoeing near St. Petersburg, Florida.

At first, he thought he had witnessed a dolphin carrying her dinner with her but upon taking a closer look, he saw something that would become a life long memory that will stay with him forever. The dolphin was actually carrying her calf that passed away.

He recorded the entire scene that turned out to be a heartbreaking incident. The dolphin can be seen nuzzling the body of the calf and she looked to be grieving over her loss.

The mother dolphin was not alone in her funeral procession as Michael soon saw another dolphin swimming beside her. Then a few more dolphins joined her.

“As the mother made her way north through the Intracoastal Waterway, other dolphins joined her for short distances and then went on their way,” Michael said.

Based on the scar patterns, Michael believes that the calf must have been hit by a motorboat.

The video Michale shot was to increase awareness that dolphins are vulnerable creatures and humans need to learn to be more careful when in water.

Source – Twitter

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Written by Anu Bansal