Mother warning to other after she lost her daughter taking MDMA

The coroner heard she had met with a drug dealer earlier in the evening and bought 15 ‘Duplo’ ecstasy pills.

She later took three in quick succession at home but soon became unwell in the park.

The inquest heard the teenager suffered multiple cardiac arrests before a decision was eventually made by medical staff not to resuscitate her.

Shakira’s family later released a final shocking picture of her in a coma as she fought for life and said she had ‘rolled the dice’ with disastrous consequences.

The inquest today heard that a short while after the shocking image was taken Shakira died from multiple organ failure.

Speaking after a coroner recorded a verdict of drug related death, Shakira’s mum Rita Hole, said she desperately wanted to warn others off taking illegal drugs to avoid similar tragedies.

Rita, of Camborne, Cornwall, said: ‘It should be a warning people. Shakira, we told her the risks but she still took that chance. I think kids need to be more educated.

‘Where we go from here I don’t know at the

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Written by Shashank