Mother Stages A Protest After Her Daughter Was Told To Cover Up For Wearing A Tank Top To School

This mother from Nassau County, New York, is staging a protest after her daughter was sent back home from school on the grounds that she broke the school’s dress code.

Kate Darrow told Action Jax News that she was very upset when her 9-year-old daughter was sent home because she wore a tank top to school. She said that the school officials told her daughter that her bare shoulders would “distract boys.”

The mother said, “Right there, I knew that that was an issue. It’s 2019 and that’s not something I want my daughter to be taught.”

Darrow further said that her daughter wore a tank top to school but by the end of the day, the school officials forced her into a hoodie to cover up.

Rather than presenting her concern to the school directly, the mother came up with a not-so-subtle way:

d”My friend Sarah and I were talking about [the dress code violation] and we just kind of decided to come up with the T-shirts and do a peaceful protest against it,” she told Action Jax News.

So the mother got to work. Her daughter, son, and their friends made the shirts.

Her daughter wore a shirt that read, “Right to bare shoulders,” while the boys’ shirts said “Real men aren’t distracted by shoulders.” The kids then wore these shirts to school.

Kate and her husband also met with administrators and the school assured them that they will look into the issue.

According to the Callahan Intermediate School handbook, the students must “wear full-cover shirts or blouses.”

It reads, “Shirts must cover midriff area and may not have spaghetti or thin straps less than two inches.” Also on the list of no-no’s were “racer-back cut tank tops or see-through clothing.”

But Darrow said that there is a hidden message in these guidelines that is “We should tell women that they should behave in a way that doesn’t disturb or distract men.”

“If someone is distracted because a female is showing her shoulders, someone needs to tell that boy, ‘You need to be able to focus yourself and women are not objects,’” her husband Rob added.

The mom further added, “It’s bringing the wrong idea to these girls that they are responsible for what a boy does.”

Now that her protest has gone public, the mom says that she’s hoping to raise awareness. “Hopefully, it makes people start thinking.”

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Written by Anu Bansal