This mother brilliant advice for his 18 year old son in winning hearts

A concerned mother has made a list of amusing guidelines for her high school child to follow ahead of his lads holiday to Magaluf.

Finlay Brockie, 18, from Dunfermline, Fife, took to Twitter to share the great ‘words of advice’ he received from his ‘stressed’ mum Lisa. He titled the post, which has since been liked by more than 54, 000 times, ‘Ma maws rules fir maga’

The post read: Lisa’s rules for Magaluf

1. Don’t drink before you get to the airport. If ur drunk they won’t let you on the plane.

Just remember the Eminem concert. We’ll actually I don’t suppose u can remember the Eminem airport.

2. Don’t take your passport out at night for ID. Over the last month or so you’ve lost two provisionals, three door keys, bank cards, money and a wallet. You can’t be trusted.

If you lose it they won’t let you home, which wouldn’t be that bad but you only have about a tenner spending money.

3. Remember to eat. Don’t judge the price of food by how many alcoholic drinks you could buy for the same.

(Finlay assured her by replying: “I’ll be sound mate”)

4. If there’s a boat party or even a pool party, you just stay away.

Mind that time you accidentally walked into a pond and had to come home naked without a working phone.

(Finlay replied: “Gid times”)

5. Don’t get a tattoo… Or if u have to get one make sure it’s on your bum so that when you’re regretting it for the next 70 years it’s not such an obvious daily reminder of when u were an 18 year old t**t.

6. Don’t have unprotected sex. A night of fun is not worth a lifetime of gonorrhea. In fact, don’t have sex at all. You don’t know where they’ve been.

7. Don’t phone me for a chat when u r drunk. I will only worry.

Even if one of our favourite songs comes on, if it’s three in the morning I don’t need a call from you shouting ‘You will love this song Lisa. Listen for the bass drop.’

I also don’t need video called in the early hours to speak to randoms.

8. Look after each other and phone me if there are any problems. I’m trying to think who out of the group is the most sensible but I’m struggling.

I love you more than life so have fun but come home safe.

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Written by Shashank