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Mother of 3 explained her incredible weight lost story

At the point when Natalie Hirst saw photographs of herself after the birth of her third kid, she realized something needed to change.

Source: Dailymail

The 28-year-old’s weight had expanded to 130 kilograms, having increased gradually through the course of three pregnancies. Having now shed a noteworthy 60kg – and getting ready to wear a two-piece in a fitness transformation competition – the Adelaide mum thought about the moment that turned her life around.

Source: Dailymail

She told FEMAIL: ‘I was disgusted by my photos and couldn’t believe the difference. I was 48kg from my wedding body. A reality check that put a fire in my belly,’ When I started working full-time as a 16-year-old I gained 20kg in two years living an unhealthy and stressful life.’

Today, Natalie’s life is focused on healthy living and exercise though she recently battled with dieting and body image. At 22, she fell pregnant with her first child and used that as an as to ‘eat anything I desire’ – bringing about a 30kg weight gain.

Source: Dailymail

She further added: ‘I found out at 22 weeks I had a heart condition after being rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack. I was told I wasn’t allowed to do any physical activity which meant me sitting around a lot and eating. I lost the excess weight in 19 months through exercise and yo-yo dieting. I consumed shakes, ate from meal plans and cut out certain food groups. But looking back on it now, I realise it was so unhealthy.’

Just ten weeks after her second child was born Natalie discovered she was pregnant for the third time, a sudden circumstance that saw her embark on yet another cycle of overeating and lack of exercising.

Source: Dailymail

Weeks after her delivery, Natalie gauged herself and took photographs so she could pick up a feeling of what she looked like – a reality check that left her shocked. She said ‘I was 130kg at this point, I was disgusted by my photos and couldn’t believe the difference.’

Determined to shed the excess weight for good, and having been cleared by doctors of risk associated with her heart condition, the mum-of-three started exercising again.

Source: Dailymail

She added: I rejoined a gym with a creche and attended gym classes daily. I absolutely loved it,’ she said. It was time out of the house with three young children. They got to socialise as did I. I started by making sure my water intake was on point so I drank roughly three litres a day, which is something I had been told to do. Then I filled my cupboard with healthy options and I also watched my portion sizes. I never missed out. If I wanted something like chocolate I’d swap out something else or would do a half hour walk to earn it.’

Source: Dailymail


After losing 40kg by dedicated hard work and planned diets, she hired a personal trainer. She had been accepting a lot of compliments from individuals telling her how incredible she looked and knew she could advise others on how to get the same results.

Source: Dailymail

She further added: I decided to become a personal trainer because I wanted to help others also on a journey. I now work at the gym where it all began, Trend Fitness Morphett Vale. It’s a place I credit for my success and a place where I have always felt comfortable. Life will always throw roadblocks and bumps and you can’t always be prepared.

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Written by Shashank